Before I started my study of painting, I was a fiber artist. My medium was crochet, believe it or not. This was my medium because I did not know how to do anything else even remotely artistic. I had wasted my youth on the law, and this was my strange gateway into the creative life. It started with wearable fiber art, but soon morphed into wall hangings and, ultimately, sculpture. Crochet is very amenable to sculpture. I took a class or two, and then I got this idea for how to build sheep sculptures, and I was off to the races. BAA-AMERICA! is a flock of a dozen sheep, each of which is an American icon. I chose icons from many fields of endeavor, and I had lots of fun with it. The sheep had a solo show the Art League Gallery in Alexandria, VA in 2011. Four of them also got into a national juried show at the AnnMarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center in 2019, where they won a juror's prize for most humorous of works in the show. If anybody out there wants to give them another exhibition, they would love it.

Each sheep is approximately 20 inches tall, 24 inches nose to tail, and 17 inches across. Add extra height for those with bases and head gear.