Angel Trumpets


I am a wife and mother of 3, living in Washington, DC. After working for years as a lawyer, I turned to more creative pursuits. I worked as a fiber artist for several years before discovering my true callings: drawing, painting and collage. In 2018, after seven years of study, I was awarded a Certificate of Drawing and Painting from the Washington Studio School. While at WSS, I have studied with faculty members Joanne Kaufman, Jill Phillips, Katie Pumphrey, Milena Spasic, Jo Weiss and Susan Yanero among many others -- as well as visiting artists Reem Bassous, Catherine Kehoe, Ken Kewley and Stuart Shils. I have a studio in the Jackson Art Center, located in the Georgetown area of DC. I also frequently return to my hometown, Ozark, Alabama, to develop new imagery for my work , which is largely rooted in my memories of that distant time and place.