Blue-Eyed Mule

Artist Statement

I split my studio practice evenly across my three favorite media: painting (oil and acrylic), mixed media, and collage. My work ranges from figurative to non-representational abstraction, as my content and process dictate.

Much of my work is narrative in nature. I frequently find my content in literature, as well as in old photographs of people and places significant to me. At times I work entirely from memory, using whatever visual reference I can find to help me tap into memories of places, people or events. Once I latch onto a story or concept, I develop it through series of small works on paper, and later I use these as a springboard to develop larger paintings. Mark-making and symbols, as well as expressive brushwork, are my most important visual storytelling tools. When a particularly important image emerges during the course of my work, it may become the sole subject of the next series; with this kind of exploration, I enjoy coming up with as many variations on an image as I can, and the resulting array of related but disparate pictures is very satisfying to me. Currently, I am working on one such project -- a series of small oil paintings of mules, which currently number about 35. I expect to make dozens more, and to cap this series off with some larger paintings of my favorite beasts of burden.