Artist Statement

I am interested in the interaction of the past and the present over time, through memory. I want to capture the vague, incomplete, distorted nature of my recollections of places, people and events from the distant past -- recollections that are beneath the surface of consciousness, but that necessarily influence my perception of the present, and are in turn influenced by my experience of the present. This requires an active embrace of memory and inevitably generates feelings of loss, longing, pain, disintegration, struggle, resignation, and despair -- but also, a sense of transformed understanding, renewal and acceptance; thus, these emotions inform, and perhaps show up, in my work.

I use many references and media to develop imagery that is by nature elusive. Photographs and literary texts linked to my past are often employed. I approach new content through series of works on paper that are completed relatively quickly, both mixed-media drawing and collage. These small works often become the starting point for larger paintings. Within and across bodies of work, imagery is developed and connected in a process of recall, response, invention and repetition -- a structured mining of memory that welcomes intuition and accident. I am happiest when it all comes together in something new, utterly unexpected, and true.